Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

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Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

Do you want to paint your home’s walls with good paints? Well, there are quite a few choices on the market. All you have to do is figure out what you want, such as if you want to keep your house’s current color scheme or want to change it all. As far as your budget goes, don’t worry, because you’re about to find a lot of options on the market.

The deceptive ones in the market are all set to give you the poor coverage getting your house full of pests resulting in the shabby look of a house. Another issue of using low-quality paint is fading & chalking getting your walls being damaged by extreme weather. Following are some top-rated paint companies in Pakistan, so check them out and go with the most suitable one.

Why the Right Paint Brand Matters:

Choosing the right brand of paint is important for a number of reasons. First of all, well-known brands have better quality and last longer, so your painted surfaces will look nice for a longer time. Second, the best brands offer a wide range of colors and styles, so you can choose the right color for your rooms.

Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paint Brand:

Before making a choice, you should think about the following:

Quality and Lasting Power

High-quality paints stick to surfaces better, cover better, and don’t fade, chip, or crack as easily. Durable paints save you money in the long run because you won’t have to paint as often.

Choices of color and the range

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can find the ones that go best with your style and interior design. The best paint brands have a wide range of colors, tones, and finishes to suit different tastes.

Effects on the environment

People who care about the environment tend to choose paint brands that are made to last and have low VOC (volatile organic compound) formulas. These paints are safer for people and the environment.


Many people care a lot about how much something costs. High-quality paints may be a little bit more expensive, but they usually cover better and last longer.

Review and Recommendations from Customers

You can find out how well a brand works and how happy its customers are by reading reviews and asking friends or professionals for recommendations.

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Top Paint Brands in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s paint industry offers a diverse range of brands, but some have stood out for their consistent quality and popularity among consumers:

Gobis Paint

Yes, this amazing paint brand deserves to be first on this list because it lasts long and makes your walls look better. Because they work hard to make their products better, both customers and interior designers are always happy with them. Yes, the price is another reason to choose this great paint brand to change the look of your whole house. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best paint brands in Pakistan because it has a line of paints for everyone.

Berger Paints

Berger Paints has a prominent presence in Pakistan and is known for its high-quality products. They offer a vast range of interior and exterior paints with various finishes, catering to different requirements.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint is a renowned international brand that has gained popularity in Pakistan. Their products are known for their durability and extensive color choices.

Dulux Pakistan

Dulux Pakistan, part of the global AkzoNobel group, is a household name for high-quality paints and innovative solutions. They offer a wide range of colors and finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

Master Paints

Master Paints is a local favorite, providing affordable yet high-quality paints. They offer a comprehensive color range and finishes suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

Brighto Paints

It is also one of the most well-known brands, and its products can handle the wear and tear of all four seasons. Also, fading and cracks are problems, but you won’t be able to see them, so it can also be your choice. Also, there is a wide range of paints, so you can choose the one that works best for your home or office, and the price is right.

Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints has been a leading paint manufacturer in Pakistan for decades. They offer a wide range of products, including decorative and industrial paints.

Kansai Paints

Kansai Paints is a Japanese brand with a strong presence in Pakistan. They are known for their innovative products and technology-driven solutions.

Jotun Pakistan

Jotun Pakistan offers premium-quality paints with a vast color range. Their products are known for their durability and longevity.

Rapid Coat

Rapid Coat specializes in heat-reflective and environment-friendly paints. They offer innovative solutions for sustainable living.

Unique Paints

Unique Paints offers a wide range of budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. They cater to both residential and commercial projects.

A Closer Look at Some Top Brands

Berger Paints:

Berger Paints has been a household name in Pakistan for years. Their interior paints offer a smooth and even finish, making them ideal for walls and ceilings. Their exterior paints provide excellent weather resistance, protecting your property from harsh elements.

Nippon Paint:

Nippon Paint is known for its advanced technology and extensive color options. They offer solutions like anti-bacterial paints and heat-reflective coatings, ensuring a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Dulux Pakistan:

Dulux Pakistan’s products are designed to enhance your living spaces. They offer an array of attractive colors, including their signature “Color of the Year,” inspiring homeowners to be creative with their paint choices.

Paints for Specific Purposes:

When choosing paint, consider the specific requirements of different areas:

Interior Paints:

Interior paints are formulated to add beauty and personality to your living spaces. Consider factors like color psychology and natural lighting while selecting interior paints.

Exterior Paints:

Exterior paints should withstand weather fluctuations and provide long-lasting protection. Choose weather-resistant paints that can withstand rain, sunlight, and temperature changes.

Heat-Reflective Paints:

Heat-reflective paints help in reducing indoor temperatures, making them ideal for hot climates.

Anti-Bacterial Paints:

In environments where hygiene is crucial, anti-bacterial paints can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and provide a healthier living space.

Weather-Resistant Paints:

For regions with harsh weather conditions, weather-resistant paints can provide added protection against moisture and UV rays.

Tips for Successful Painting:

To achieve a flawless finish, consider the following tips:

Surface Preparation:

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from grease and dust before applying paint. Proper preparation ensures better adhesion and a longer-lasting finish.

Choosing the Right Finish:

Different areas of your home require different paint finishes. Consider the sheen level, such as matte, eggshell, or semi-gloss, based on the area’s traffic and lighting conditions.

Proper Application Techniques:

Use high-quality brushes and rollers for smooth application. Follow the recommended drying times between coats for the best results.


Choosing the right brand of paint is an important part of any painting job. Each of the best paint brands in Pakistan has its own special features and solutions that meet the needs of different people. Whether you care most about quality, durability, being good to the environment, or a wide range of colors, these brands have what you need. So, use your imagination and the right paint brand for your needs to change your living spaces.

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