Top Companies to Send Money in Pakistan

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Top Companies to Send Money in Pakistan

Regarding the superb money transfer companies to send money to Pakistan, Remitly, Instarem., WorldRemit, TransferGo, Transfast, and Speed Remit stand out as the top players in the field. These companies have gained prominence for their efficient and reliable services, offering users a seamless experience when transferring funds to Pakistan.

Top Companies to Send Money in Pakistan In 2024

Speed Remit

Speed Remit has also exceeded expectations regarding sending money safely to Pakistan; hence, it exists among Pakistan’s top names for money transfers. It ensures a seamless and reliable experience with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing fast and efficient transactions and giving you peace of mind when sending funds to your loved ones. Get benefited from the competitive exchange rates and low fees, making Speed Remit the cost-effective choice. Our user-friendly interface and robust security measures make us a trusted option for hassle-free international money transfers. Rely on Speed Remit for a dependable and efficient solution to meet your remittance needs to Pakistan.


Remitly stands out as one of the best money transfer companies to send money to Pakistan, offering various features that make it a reliable choice for users. With same-day express transfers and guaranteed arrival times, Remitly ensures that your money reaches its destination promptly. The real-time transfer tracking updates provide transparency, allowing users to monitor their transactions seamlessly. Remitly’s flexibility is commendable, with no minimum transfer amount, making it convenient for small and large transactions. The quick account opening process, taking just 3 minutes, adds to the user-friendly experience. The diverse sending and receiving options, including credit/debit card, bank account, bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money, and home delivery, cater to various preferences and needs. Security is a priority at Remitly, with two-factor authentication ensuring the safety of transactions. The company’s adherence to necessary documentation like bank statements and ID documentation adds an extra layer of reliability. In summary, Remitly’s efficient services, diverse options, and commitment to security make it a top choice for sending money to Pakistan.


Instarem. also has an excellent reputation among the top names, easing money transfers to Pakistan, and the core elements of its reputation are reliability and efficiency. With a stellar 1st transfer bonus, competitive rates, and no hidden charges, Instarem. provides a cost-effective solution for individuals sending money, especially those studying abroad. The quick account opening process, taking only a few minutes, reflects the company’s commitment to seamless user experiences. Instarem. offers diverse sending options, including debit/credit card, wire transfer, bank account, and a user-friendly mobile app. For recipients in Pakistan, Instarem. supports various receiving options such as debit/credit card, wire transfer, cash pickup, bank transfer, and mobile money, providing flexibility for users. The required documentation, comprising ID proof and proof of address, ensures a secure and compliant process. Instarem. goes beyond by incorporating SMS/email tracking and notification features, providing users transparency and peace of mind. With additional bonuses and rewards, Instarem. is a reliable transfer service and a rewarding choice for sending money to Pakistan.


Among the top-class money transfer companies to send money to Pakistan, WorldRemit also enjoys a reputable status. With a seamless process that takes just a few minutes to open an account, WorldRemit offers users various sending options, including bank transfers and a user-friendly mobile app. One of the standout features is the absence of a minimum transfer requirement, providing flexibility to users. WorldRemit ensures swift transactions with instant cash pickup, airtime top-ups, and various receiving options such as cash pickup, bank transfers, mobile money, and door-to-door services. The convenience extends to multiple platforms, including a dedicated mobile app and social media for transfers. The required documentation, including ID and proof of address, is handled effortlessly through the mobile app. Users also benefit from robust customer support through SMS/email notifications. WorldRemit’s commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendly features makes it a top choice among the best money transfer companies for sending funds to Pakistan.


Xe has also confirmed its place among the most reliable sources of sending money to Pakistan, offering a seamless and trustworthy experience. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Xe ensures a hassle-free process with no fees on transfers exceeding £/$/€250. The swift transfer speed of 1-2 hours ensures that your loved ones in Pakistan receive the funds promptly. Xe’s user-friendly platform allows for an account to be opened in just under 2 minutes, demonstrating their dedication to efficiency. Xe caters to diverse preferences by offering multiple sending options, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. The receiving options are equally flexible, allowing funds to be received directly into a bank account. Xe’s commitment to security is evident through its stringent document requirements, demanding ID and proof of address to ensure a secure and trustworthy transaction. The live tracking feature informs you about the money transfer’s status in real-time. With advanced currency solutions and competitive rates, Xe is a dependable choice for sending money to Pakistan.

Wind Up

All the above-discussed are the most reliable and practical sources of sending money to Pakistan with easy-to-understand mechanisms, from seamless signing up to hitting an instant remittance to your loved ones. Additionally, their platforms are responsive across all devices, making them more worth using to send money back home to Pakistan.

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