Everything You Need To Know About Clicktrix Banner Exchange Network

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ClickTrix banner exchange network

ClickTrix: Your One-Stop Shop for Banner Promotion and Network Building

If you’re looking for a powerful banner exchange network to promote your business, you’ve come to the right place. At ClickTrix, we offer a 1:1 banner exchange network that provides members with a unique and effective way to promote their products or services. Our network is designed to help you increase your website’s exposure and organic traffic, and we provide a range of tools and resources to make it easy for you to get started.

What is the ClickTrix banner exchange network?

ClickTrix operates a 1:1 banner exchange network where members can earn one banner advertising credit for each valid banner impression delivered to the network. Essentially, for every banner impression a member delivers to the network, they earn a credit that can be used to promote their own banners.

How does the ClickTrix banner exchange network work?

Banner exchange credits are a key feature of ClickTrix, as they allow members to earn credits for displaying banner ads on their websites. These credits can then be used to display their own banners on other member websites within the network.

The system allows members to earn banner exchange credits on both unique and non-unique views. Unique views are defined as a single view per visitor, while non-unique views are views that are generated by the same visitor multiple times. However, the rate at which banner exchange credits are earned on non-unique views is slightly lower, at one credit for every ten impressions.

Once banner exchange credits are earned, they are automatically added to the member’s account. Members have complete control over where their credits are used, as they can allocate them as desired to their banners. This means that members can adjust their promotions as needed to achieve the best results.

By giving members the freedom to allocate their credits as desired, ClickTrix ensures that members have complete control over their advertising campaigns. This allows for maximum flexibility and customization, as members can adjust their promotions as needed to achieve the best results. Overall, ClickTrix banner exchange network provides an effective and efficient way for members to promote their businesses online and increase their online visibility.

How can I get started with ClickTrix?

Getting started with ClickTrix is easy. All you need to do is register your ClickTrix account today to start advertising your multiple sized banners with no charges. Once you have registered and your banners have been reviewed and approved for rotation on the exchange, your banners will be displayed on a wide variety of other websites and blogs that belong to other banner exchange network members.

What promotional tools are available to ClickTrix members?

We have a range of high-quality promotional materials such as banners and splash pages available for members to use.

Our downline builder helps members to create downlines in some of the most popular external websites and programs.

We also offer the CTX token, which allows members to earn tokens by getting clicks on our exchange banners on their homepage. Tokens can be exchanged for many goodies, including credits, premium, and more. To earn tokens, members simply need to place the ClickTrix banner code at the top of their homepage to attract more clicks.

How can I earn commissions with ClickTrix?

Every ClickTrix member has the opportunity to earn real commissions on any of the account upgrades or banner advertising credit packages that are purchased by any of their direct referrals. This means that you can earn money simply by referring other people to ClickTrix.

What are the benefits of using the ClickTrix banner exchange network?

There are many benefits to using the ClickTrix banner exchange network, including:

  • Advertise banners in 4 sizes (125px, 350px, 468px, 728px).
  • Free accounts can advertise up to 5 banner ads per size.
  • 1:1 Banner Network exchange ratio (24hr unique impressions).
  • 1:10 Banner Network exchange ratio (24hr repeat impressions).
  • 5000 FREE banner credits for joining.
  • +45000 FREE banner credits, after you made 5000 Banner views.
  • 5000 network credits for every referral.
  • Earn network exchange credits promoting your splash pages.
  • Effective external program downline builder.
  • Promotional Material to help you build your downline.
  • Participate in our in-house contests and win awesome prizes.
  • Earn high commissions from direct referral purchases.

How ClickTrix is better than other banner advertising platforms?

Exchange Banners with Others Unlike many other banner exchange networks that limit their free members’ advertising to a single banner, ClickTrix allows free members to advertise up to five banners per size on the banner exchange network. This means that you can increase the awareness of a single brand with multiple images or promote multiple offers from alternate sources. It’s a great way to diversify your advertising efforts and get more exposure for your business.

Banner Promotion Made Easy with ClickTrix

The ClickTrix banner exchange network is a highly effective tool for businesses and website owners who want to increase their exposure and drive more traffic to their website. With a range of benefits including free banner advertising, token rewards, commissions, and more, ClickTrix offers something for everyone. So why wait? Register your free account today and start promoting your banners with the ClickTrix banner exchange network.

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