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Keto is not a long-term diet solution:

Keto diet is a plus or minus?! That’s what you hear when you usually start preparing for a healthy diet that will not only help you to lose weight but also bring out some healthy results in your body. But why the only keto diet is a hot topic for diet-conscious people? There are multiple queries taking rounds regarding the keto diet. What diet plan is followed in it? What are the expected results of the keto diet? Is the keto diet worth it? And many other questions strike in mind whenever this topic is highlighted.

To keep you all well aware regarding keto diet facts, we have gathered all the relevant information relevant to this topic.

What is Keto Diet?

The Keto diet often called as ketogenic diet involves low carbs and high-fat diet that even comes with intermittent fasting. The Keto diet lowers your carbohydrate consumption and increases fats level which makes your body break down molecules into ketones. These ketones then become a booster of energy that revolves around all over the body. Although this diet is tough to follow, if it is done right, you can see impactful changes within weeks.


Keto diet origin:

“Keto Diet” the term coined in the 1920s when Dr. Russell Morse Wilder proposed this therapy to lower carbs and raises fats level in the body. This diet was essentially invented to fight against epilepsy, a disease that activates an uncontrollable electrical activity in the brain that can lead to seizures.

5 Surprising Keto Diet Facts that you don’t know:

Following are the surprising keto diet facts that you might don’t know. After getting your hands on these facts, you will be able to generate a better and greater understanding related to this diet.

1- You can overeat in the keto diet

2- Fats are the main source of boosting energy

3- Not long-term oriented diet

4- Keto flu comes with the keto diet

5- Not weight-loss centered

Overeating on Ketogenic Diet is allowed:

Although, it’s a fact that keto is quite tough if you are low on energy you can consume an extra meal. You can snack high calories food in your diet that will sustain your energy level. Remember as the keto diet’s formula is based on 50-%-55% on fats, almost 35% on proteins and 5%-10% on carbohydrates, you choose to munch snacks which fall under one of the ratios mentioned. Consuming eggs, avocado, fresh meat, nuts, and olives are preferable in the keto diet.

Fats are the foundation of a Ketogenic Diet:

the keto diet is all about consuming fats which later on work as boosting energy levels in our body. This is one of the reasons that make this diet exempted from creating weight loss effects in the human body. Moreover, this sufficient amount of fats allows the body to utilize them to increase energy levels instead of glucose, starch, and proteins.

Keto is not a long-term diet solution:

Following a keto diet in a long term can increase the risk of heart disease. According to, Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine stated that the people who followed the keto diet for a longer tenure showed increasing symptoms of cholesterol build-up, heart diseases, kidney failure, and cancer. Additionally, the amount of protein consumed in the keto diet stresses out the kidneys which can lead to kidney failure.

Keto Flu comes with Keto Diet:

People are often seen complaining of attaining the flu after starting the keto diet. This usually happens because our body often mimics ketones symptoms into flu. Electrolyte loss, low carbohydrates, and dehydration are believed to be other reasons driving the symptoms of keto flu.

Keto Diet is not for weight loss:

To those who opt for the keto diet while aiming to lose weight, then you are going in the wrong direction. Lowering the diet or breaking your food habits into multiple portions automatically declines your weight. This doesn’t mean that the keto diet will bring weight loss to your body. Also, the keto diet is mostly dependent on fat consumption which does not favor the weight loss scenario. People who have reported weight loss symptoms in the keto diet are unfortunately not long-term.

Advantages of the Keto Diet:

After coating keto diet facts, there are numerous advantages to opt the keto diet once a year for vivid results. Following are the advantages of the keto diet;

1- Keto diet reduces the dependence on medication. Rather than taking vitamin and protein supplements, performing the keto diet can bring you even more vivid results than other medications naturally.

2- Keto diet plays a vital role in dealing with insulin sensitivity as fats perform the essential role in creating energy levels rather than glucose and starch. That’s why keto diet compliments diabetic patients to some extent.

3- Keto diet can decrease blood pressure levels as well, especially for overweight people

4- The ability to focus more is another reported advantage of keto diet. Keto diet has the potential to make our mental performance sharper, better, and stronger!

5- Keto diet also helps in reducing acne that eventually burst out in your skin by balancing out the gut bacteria.

8 foods to eat in Keto Diet:

After reading everything about keto here’s the list of foods that you can consume in keto diet.

1- Fish

2- Meat (lamb, beef, pork, sausages)

3- Eggs

4- Cheese

5- Greek Yoghurt

6- Green leafy vegetables

7- Summer Squash

8- Fruits (Berries, Strawberries, Lemons & limes)

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